The Time Out Lounge
9374 Old Hammond Highway—Across the street from Hammond Aire Plaza

Imagine your wife-hating, South Jersey uncle had a basement rec-room/bar in the 1970s where he and his
buddies escaped to lament about not doing a stint in the Merchant Marines and debate the merits of Firestone

This best describes the Time Out. Dark wood paneling and low ceilings frame the long L-shaped bar. This snake
-like configuration allows for the maximum amount of ringside seats for those flying solo. The overall dimness is
quelled by strands of Christmas lights which DBG suspects are a year round pleasantry. The Time Out is no
place for couples, unless you seek an oasis of anonymity with the other-other woman.

The jukebox consists of American rock standards, Frank Sinatra, and the occasional 80s pop number…nothing
too inventive. Two empty pool tables and a vacant dance floor skirt the edges of the room. The Time Out is
meant for drinking, not recreation.

One interesting nuance is the rear entrance. Time Out is attached to an apartment complex. Its dwellers come
and go by the back door like the members of a secret fraternity. Interlopers may enter through the front
unmarked entrance.