Santa Claus hasn’t even come down DBG’s chimney yet, and she is already
encouraging Red Stickers to begin thinking about their New Year’s Eve cocktail
menu. Cherry’s cocktail vixen, Monique, has crafted another delectable libation
to help ring in the New Year in style!

Tuscan Pear Martini

1 part pear vodka
1/2 part Limoncello
1/2 part ginger liqueur
1/2 part simple syrup
3/4 part o.j.
Shake over ice and serve in martini glasses

If you must have bubbles on the last day of the year, DBG suggests the classic
Champagne Cocktail. This simple, yet brilliant refreshment hails from the
Metropolitan Hotel in New York City circa 1935. F. Scott Fitzgerald wouldn’t
have minded drinking this from Zelda’s shoe, but DBG suggests the
recommended champagne flute.

1 cube sugar
Angostura bitters
Chilled champagne

Soak sugar cube with a couple of good splashes of Angostura bitters and place
in the bottom of a champagne flute. Fill slowly with sparkling wine. Garnish with
a lemon twist. And if you want your cocktail DBG style, throw a maraschino
cherry on top of the sugar cube.

Remember designate a driver, and if you get in a bind Mockler beverage is
sponsoring the Safe Ride Home. For a ride, call Yellow Cab: 926-6400.
For a tow, call Guy’s Towing: 275-6411. Cherry wants you around in 2011.