Blend Thursday, Jun 28 2012 


304 Laurel Street


Ding Dong—the Wine Loft is dead, and Blend has risen from its ashes.  Unlike its defunct predecessor, they are doing the wine bar proud.  The interior combines rustic wood, amber lighting, and swanky furniture. Its warmth and spaciousness reminded DBG of an inviting lodge in California wine country. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.   They were able to make recommendations based on the tastes of the customer and food pairings.


More than 100 wines are available by the bottle.  At any given time,  approximately 20 wines may be purchased by the glass.  Prices range between $8 to $15 per pour and every two weeks, the menu rotates. So there is always something new to sip.  Cheese and meat trays are available as well as small plates.  Chef Eric Sibley, a Red Stick native, has an impressive culinary resume.  He is what some fancy people might refer to as a “molecular gastronomist.”  You know, the kind of madman who would puree strawberries and red bell peppers to create a warm, flavorful-yet-sweet dipping sauce. 


The crowd was diverse the night DBG and her Protector made their trip.  Tourists staying in downtown hotels mingled with the standard after-work crowd.  Blend would be the perfect place to take that special date.  At the end of the evening, order her a glass of Prosecco and some of their re-envisioned bread pudding and you might just get lucky. 


PS—If you want to re-read DBG’s original review of the Wine Loft.  Click this link:






Backstreet Lounge Friday, Jun 22 2012 

Backstreet Lounge

845 Madeline Court

(Off of Florida across from Broadmoor Theater)


Backstreet Lounge, formerly Kay B’s Lounge, formerly The Brickhouse Lounge, is located on an industrial side street off Florida Boulevard that also backs up to a large cemetery.  The tiny windowless brick building next to an animal daycare looks a little intimidating at first, but DBG and her Protector decided to enter based on the fact that most of the cars in the parking lot out were shiny and new. 


They were pleasantly surprised to find a spacious, well-lit clean bar with two nice pool tables and a stage for live music and karaoke.  It’s a bar in South Louisiana, so of course there is both Golden Tee and a Jager machine.  But surprise—Backstreet has a softball team for patrons.  About half of the regulars were the motorcycle owning type. DBG couldn’t help but notice the mullet and the rat tail were proudly represented at Backstreet, but she deemed it a decent neighborhood place or somewhere to go after burying a loved one next door. 


Unfortunately, she did not stay for long.  It was karaoke night and it turns out, most bikers are tone deaf and sing really sad songs.




PS—What is worse karaoke-wise: Hearing an aging metal head butcher a Tool song or someone belting out a Celine Dion ballad in the hopes of landing an American Idol audition? 

Heaux Jeaux’s Friday, Jun 22 2012 

Heaux Jeaux’s
14241 Airline Highway

About two months ago, Red Stickers Holly and Joe (henceforth known as Heaux Jeaux—you get
the name now, right?) opened up a nice neighborhood joint in South Baton Rouge. The bar stools
are comfy. The décor is clean and upscale. They have six beers on tap and many more in
bottles. They have about 10 wines by the glass. Their prices are excellent. On weekends they
have bands. There are also large television sets for watching the big game. There is nothing snide
or ridiculous that DBG can say about this establishment. She had a perfectly delightful time and if it
were in her neighborhood, she would be a frequent guest. If you live out that way, you should
check it out.

Now…if you want DBG to tell you a story of horrors and ineptitude…just ask her about her visit to
an unnamed new bar. It is a review she is still debating writing because it might just be too mean.

Magpie Cafe Friday, Jun 22 2012 

Magpie Café

3205 Perkins Road


The first time DBG attempted to eat at the Magpie Café; they had sold out of food.  This intrigued her and she knew she eventually had to return.  Magpie opened about a month ago.  Their menu changes daily.  They use all local seasonal ingredients—organic if possible. The morning offerings include an espresso bar, fresh baked goods, oatmeal, and a breakfast sandwich.  The lunch service usually consists of  a soup (usually vegetarian), a salad, and two paninis (one vegetarian). 


DBG’s goat cheese, roasted tomato, artichoke heart Panini really complemented the summer weather.  It was the perfect good girl lunch.    


Sure Magpie is the kind of place where the laptops draining the free wi-fi abound, and of course, you are going to see a couple of obligatory yoga mats, and a decent amount of the clientele are doing their part for the third world by wearing Toms, but it is a nice neighborhood place and welcome addition to the overpass area.  


Check out their facebook page to keep track of the daily menu.