The Return of Cuban Liquor

DBG is beginning to wonder if Chelsea’s owner, Dave Remmetter, possesses
superhuman powers. He seems to be able to appear in multiple places at the same
time. Last year, he managed to slay the evil dragon know as the ATC and saved our
beloved Chelsea’s from the clutches of Murphy Painter. A few months ago, he
announced plans to open a new watering hole on Government called Radio Bar.
Construction has begun, and Radio Bar should be sending out signals the first quarter
of next year. This week, news broke of his intentions to reopen Cuban Liquor on
Perkins. Cuban Liquor was most recently operated as Marcello’s Liquor until the store
moved to be closer to Marcello’s wine bar. Since then the building has stood vacant.
Remmetter hopes to have Cuban Liquor open by Thanksgiving.

So you might ask, “Why is Cuban Liquor so special?” Well, Cuban Liquor was DBG’s
go to destination during her LSU years. She was drawn like a moth to a flame by the
large neon sign beckoning her to buy some tasty libations. Her first purchase at Cuban:
a case of Zima. (Don’t judge. She was a freshman in college.)

3911 Perkins Road