Delpit’s Chicken Shack
Featuring The Pool Boy

Happy Thanksgiving, Cherry loyalists! Your faithful correspondent, The Pool Boy (TPB), will be filling in for Dive
Bar Girl this Thanksgiving week with a review of an appropriately fowl-themed locale, Delpit’s Chicken Shack. It’s
not turkey, but if you want something to be thankful for this week, their fried chicken will fill in admirably. There
are two locations in the city, but TPB really only knows the one on the corner of North Acadian and Laurel, in
that weird section of Laurel where after running continuously from the river for twenty blocks it stops and starts
for short distances like Baton Rouge city planners intended.

In TPB’s opinion, there are only three Louisiana based fried chicken places that are worth going to: Popeye’s,
Cane’s, and the Chicken Shack. Of these, Delpit’s has been doing it longer (since 1935), and still has an intense
local and family feel. It’s also affordable. The two-piece chicken meal with sides is less than six bucks. The
chicken is done perfectly, moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. The sides are generous and equally
tasty. Delpit’s also features their famous shack balls, which are kind of like a gamier-tasting version of boudin
balls and worth a try. Your correspondent swears they once saved his soul in the early afternoon hours of the
day after sleeping off most of a late night bender.

So the next time you’re feeling like some crispy, salty goodness, check out the Chicken Shack. It’s right behind
the Church’s chicken you should skip past on your way.