My Cinnamon Girl
(Mi Chica de Canela)

Way back in the day when DBG was exploring the vast wilderness known as Brooklyn,
NY, she frequented an establishment famous for their cinnamon margaritas. She and
her other drug pusher friends would sip on these tongue-tingling delights, while they
tried to find ways to cheat on their expense accounts. When the recipe surfaced on the
inter-webs, she just knew Red Stick needed to try it.

Cinnamon Girls

Cinnamon tequila
Fresh lime juice
Blood orange juice or a tropical juice mix or regular OJ

Fill a highball glass or whiskey tumbler to the top with ice. Start filling the glass with 3/4
parts cinnamon tequila,1/4 parts Cointreau, and a dash of fresh lime juice.

Then go all 007 on it and give it a good shaky shake. Pour back into glass with the ice
to about 1/4 below the rim of the glass. Float juice on the top.

And DBG…Where might I find this tangy unicorn known as cinnamon tequila? Well
young Padawan, you are going to infuse your own.

Cinnamon-infused tequila

1 bottle of white tequila–Do not spend a lot of $$$ on this.
4-5 cinnamon sticks.

Drop cinnamon sticks into tequila. Close. Put in closet for about a week. Remove
cinnamon sticks, strain, and enjoy!