London Calling….
The Londoner 4215 S Sherwood Forest

One crisp autumn morn’ as the fog lifted from the bog, DBG, her Protector, la Cherrista in Charge, and
Sir Nigel of Wolverhampton journeyed through the wilds of Sherwood Forest. As they passed the
Piccadilly, the Union Jack came into view. The sun shone down on The Londoner as it stood proudly
in its strip mall, inviting the weary travelers for a pint or three.

Sir Nigel deemed the dark wood interior pub-worthy, and could easily envision an evening spent in the
comfy chairs and sofas around the fireplace. The serving wenches were friendly and kept the pints
coming while DBG enjoyed some above average fish and chips. DBG’s protector took the route of the
Full Monty, the Londoner’s version of the full English breakfast, and a favorite of salad-dodgers
everywhere. He feasted on eggs, bangers, hashbrowns, toast, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. Sir
Nigel declared the Shepherd’s Pie to be a perfect winter comfort food. La Cherrista in Charge spoke
highly of the cider menu, but lamented the lack of HP sauce for her bangers. It seemed a bit too early
to engage in a contest of billiards or a game of darts, so Sir Nigel suggested the band of knaves return
some evening when there might be a proper Premier League match on the telly.

In short, it is about time Red Stick was afforded a proper English pub. The décor and menu hit the
spot. Sir Nigel says, “Try the sticky toffee pudding. It’s just like me mum used to make.”