Bons Vivants

Since moving back home DBG has lamented the lack of grown up cocktails in Red Stick. Bon Vivants remedies
this grievous error. Tom Ange, mixologist and owner of both the Cove and Port Royal has meticulously
compiled a 24 page cocktail menu that celebrates the best cocktails from 1860 to 1960.

Cocktails contain freshly squeezed fruit juices, there is no red dye number 40 in the maraschino cherries, and
there is even an entire shelf dedicated to the many different types of bitters used in their unique libations. At
Bon Vivants, they never cut corners–cocktails are always crafted into drinkable works of art.

DBG and her Protector nestled into one of the leather sofas that back up against deep red walls. She enjoyed a
Mai Tai (original recipe, of course) while he sipped an Old Fashioned. They made of list of everything else they
wanted to try. They dreamed of winter and imbibing one of the featured hot drinks. DBG can’t wait to take the
head Cherrista there for one of Bon Vivants’ many champagne cocktails.

Remember when visiting, just like the speakeasies of the past, there is no sign out front, but at least they won’t
make you recite a password to get in the front door.

Editor’s Note: La Cherrista in Charge cordially accepts the invitation.

2561 Citiplace, inside the front of The Cove