Tootsie Roll Vodka Tuesday, Oct 23 2012 

Cotton Candy Sweet to Go, Let Me See That Tootsie Roll!

Did you know that the recipes DBG has posted for Candy Corn Vodka, Caramel Vodka, and Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears are some of the most popular items on her blog?  So it seemed fair for her to give you another recipe to make your Halloween a little bit sweeter and a lot more drunker.

Tootsie Roll Vodka.

*Buy a 750ml bottle of moderately priced vodka.  Pour out ½ a cup of vodka for your homies.  (DBG says to use this waste product wisely.  Take a little time to shake up a martini.)
*Take at least half a cup of chopped up Tootsie Rolls and place them in your vodka bottle.  Let the mixture sit for at least 24 hours.  Every few hours gently shake.
*Watch your Tootsies liquefy.
*Pour mixture through a coffee strainer into a bowl.  Rinse out vodka bottle.  Pour the strained mixture back into the bottle.
*Decorate your bottle with a cool picture.  (Come on, you are a professional!)
*Place your sweet chocolate dream in the freezer.  Serve as chilled shots or make a tasty White Russian.


PS—Here is the link for Vodka Gummy Bears.  Do a change up and substitute rum.  Then you have Rummy Bears!

PSS—Here is the link to the Caramel Vodka and the Candy Corn Vodka.


Mud and Water Tuesday, Oct 16 2012 

Mud and Water
174 South Blvd
DBG won’t automatically crown the newly opened Mud and Water as the replacement for Red Star, but she will give it a solid endorsement and say that it is a venue with great potential.  The old L Bar has been completely gutted and transformed into a modern, multifunctional space.  There is something about an establishment where you park under a bridge and enter through the back door that just does it for DBG.
The non-smoking indoor bar features an old school jukebox, DJ booth, and proper stage for all of the bands Mud and Water is in the process of booking.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. DBG even recognized a couple of them from Red Star. Plus, the drink prices are low.
But the most brilliant part of the bar is the courtyard.  This large, smartly landscaped gravel garden might be hard on high heels, but it is perfect for sinking your bare feet into while drinking a beer and watching cars and trucks plow their way westward up the Mississippi River Bridge.
The only question that remains is: Who will fill this venue?  Beauregard Town is a stone’s throw away.  And those of you in Red Star withdrawal must take a looky-loo.

PS—It is the perfect time of year to drop in.  Have a drink before or after the 13th Gate.
PSS–We need more outdoor drinking spaces in Red Stick!

Watching the bridge

Superior Grill Thursday, Oct 11 2012 

2 of these and you won't feel your teeth.Superior Grill
5435 Government Street

There are four Superior Grill locations: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport and Birmingham, Ala. Dive Bar Girl will brag with swagger that she has patronized all of them. (Her liver shakes its head in shame and quivers in a corner.) To her, Superior isn’t a just a restaurant—it is an institution that has woven perfectly crispy and warm tortilla chips into the fabric of Red Stick.

History: Superior Grill was built in front of the newly erected Williamsburg Retirement Home in 1991. DBG’s father had frequented the Shreveport location on business trips. One Sunday after the weekly pilgrimage to MawMaw’s, DBG’s Father saw the “coming soon” sign. He wept tears of joy. The family would post medicate after an afternoon of games called: “Find the checkbook.” “When I lived back on the plantation.” “The maid stole my shoes.” and the ever popular “You’ll never be as good as the Colonel.” It was one short, swift bat turn from the gates of Williamsburg to the parking lot of Superior. The same faithful bartender still serves DBG her margaritas today.

Here are DBG’s thoughts on Superior.

*A beautiful patio that is climate controlled when necessary.
*Brunch on the weekends—A breakfast burrito done right is a glorious and beautiful thing.
*The best and strongest margarita in town served in their signature Styrofoam cups.
*Great chips and salsa
*Authentic tortilla soup.
*Mesquite grilled fajitas.
*Antler chandeliers!

*The lame cover bands on the beautiful patio.
*A good portion of the menu is uninspired and needs to be revamped. Mexican food in this city has evolved past a plate of sloppy cheesy beans and rice.
*For the love of all that is good and right with the world—bring back the happy hour buffet!

Despite these minor issues, DBG will always consider Superior a second home.

Mama Della’s Wednesday, Oct 3 2012 

Yum! Yum! Mama Della’s
8190 Jefferson Highway

After living in New York City for so long, DBG felt sorry for the people of Baton Rouge because Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns were perfectly acceptable dining options for the majority of the population.  The reality is Red Stick has been blessed with Fleur de Lis, Red Zeppelin, Roma Pizza and now Mama Della’s.

The only reasons to frequent cardboard chains are:
1.  You are hungover and you want someone to bring you something—anything.
2.  You are too busy to even think about dinner.
3.  You lost your taste buds in a weird industrial accident.

Mama Della’s specializes in thin crust New York style pizza.  DBG watched the chef toss the dough in the air through a window.  The crust is absolutely perfect.  You can fold it in half and hold it up and watch a little bit of grease drop down onto the plate.  This is what NYC pizza is.

Some people said that the owner is a little gruff, but he won DBG over when he went outside to pick some fresh basil for her pizza.  So obviously, the toppings are all fresh and top quality.  The pie had a nice zesty sauce.

As with most pizza parlors, the interior is a bit sparse and not much has been done with the space since it was Schlotzsky’s Deli years ago. But with pizza as good as what they serve at Mama Della’s, who cares about the interior?

Try the pizza Florentina or the Verona.  It won’t disappoint.  Although she didn’t taste it, their Sicilian looks very authentic too.

As God as DBG’s witness, she will never eat at Domino’s again.