Uncle E’s Wings and Things

A couple of weeks ago, Uncle E emailed “Ms. Cherry” to invite her to partake in the first annual OMG challenge
on Saturday, June 25. Although DBG has participated in her fair share of drinking contests, she wasn’t too sure
about her ability to be a contender in a hamburger eating challenge. DBG’s Protector decided a wing eating field
trip was in order.

Uncle E’s is located at the corner of Florida and Sharp. It is a small hole in the wall tucked behind a laundromat
and a convenience store. DBG and her protector entered and were met with a long line of eclectic patrons
waiting for their burgers.

DBG’s hot honey BBQ wings were excellent. DBG’s Protector ordered a Dumb Burger, which is a cheeseburger
topped with hot sausage. He snarfed it down in record time and declared it a tasty delight. Another customer
said his Stupid Burger was the way to go.

After the lunch rush died down, Uncle E—the man, the myth, the legend–emerged from behind the griddle to
invite patrons to the OMG Challenge. The OMG Burger is three pounds of ground beef, 18 slices of bacon, eight
slices of hot sausage, and nine pieces of cheese, served on a 10” muffaletta bun, and of course, it comes fully
dressed with fries and a drink. You have an hour to consume this beast. The first person to finish earns 100
bucks and bragging rights. Check the website for details. Baton Rouge, this might be your Man vs. Food

Update:  Uncle E has a second location now on Highland Road between downtown and LSU!

10047 Florida Blvd