3151 College Drive

Hey, this is DBG’s Protector. She’s making monsters, so I’m on the case.

Suckers is a new barbecue restaurant on College Drive. It’s kind of difficult to access, just north of the railroad
tracks, in a spot that used to be occupied by a Quizno’s. Matter of fact, there’s still a Quizno’s neon sign in the
window. But that is where the similarities end.

Suckers is a giant step up from a crappy national sandwich chain. They make their own sauces and rubs and
smoke carefully selected cuts of meat. The tangy vinegar barbecue sauce is so good I could drink it by the glass.

I got a pulled pork and sliced brisket plate, which came with a nice pile of meat, coated with sauce and
garnished with green and red onions. The meat was tasty and the tangy vinegar sauce put it over the top. The
sides were so-so: the cheese grits were nice and had a sharp cheddar bite, but the cole slaw was bland. I
passed on Suckers signature dish, which is chicken, pork or smoked sausage on a stick — I just wasn’t into the
idea of a meat lollipop. I am intrigued by the idea of their prime rib po-boy though.

Suckers sells a range of burgers, sandwiches and po-boys. Suckers also caters and sells prepared food, plus
they have a bar inside. Overall, it’s a good solid local place that deserves your support.