Marcello’s Wine Warehouse
4201 Perkins Road

It has been about a year since Marcello’s re-opened their wine warehouse in its new Southdowns location, right
in front of their wine bar. DBG visited recently and realized that their vision is finally complete. Beer craftsmen
take note–their front room is fully stocked with home brewing supplies! They have also added many new beers
to their selection of bottles. DBG picked up a six-pack of Fort Collins Brewery IPA for her Protector and got
herself a Brooklyn Brewery Local 1 in the big bottle. Imagine if Champagne and Chimay intertwined all their
bubbles, went at it for hours, and then finally copulated. Their perfect offspring would be called Local 1.

But DBG has saved the best for last. The wine warehouse is also a deli! Monday-Saturday 11:00 am to 6:00
pm, you can get a cooked to order sandwich. Their Reuben was simply divine. They even make their own
Russian dressing. Smoked meats, cheeses, breads, crackers, and spreads are also available for purchase.
Their wine selection is still top notch, and they are now sporting a separate tasting room in back.

Bargain hunters, don’t despair…they still have the 3 for 10 dollars section in the very back of the store!

Update–The deli no longer exists.  😦

Editor’s note: The 3 for 10 section rules.