Big Heads Tavern
1051 Millerville!/bigheads1051

Big Heads Tavern is a new addition to the nightlife scene in South Baton Rouge. It is located on the corner of
Millerville and Old Hammond in Miller Village shopping center between a self-storage warehouse that used to be
a Delchamps (remember their double coupon Tuesdays?) and a Chinese takeout place.

So here is your DBG recommendation of the highest honor: It is a great neighborhood bar. If she lived in the
area, she would frequent it often. Before she even walked in, the “No Douchebags” sign on the front door told
DBG that she would like this establishment. Big Heads has 12 beers on tap and many more in bottles. It is very
well decorated and has a really good vibe. Some nights they have live music, but there is never a cover. On
Tuesdays, they host a Blues Jam night. They even have a sense of humor, as evidenced by the neon Zima sign
hanging on the wall. Remember Zima? DBG liked hers with grenadine.

Big Heads is also home to the Apple Pie shot. Patrons swear you can even taste the crust of the pie.
Unfortunately, this was not a feat DBG was willing to undertake on a Wednesday evening.

DBG thinks this venue might be able to fill the shoes of the old Tony’s Tavern that closed up shop a while back.