Schlittz & Giggles
Perkins Road Overpass and Third Street Downtown

It takes a lot to get on DBG’s naughty list, but she will say without apology that there is
nothing funny about this train wreck of an establishment. Wait; calling it an establishment
gives it too much credit. Waitresses and managers who couldn’t make the cut and work at
Happy’s or the Roux House are led down the street by a Pied Piper dressed in a pizza
costume, who in reality, is a day laborer so upset with his life choices he is crying tears of
sorrow inside his inflatable pizza pie.

Most of the staff can’t be bothered to work so be prepared to bus your own table and retrieve
your own buckets of beer from the bar. As for their “Serious Pizza,” if it were any worse they
would have to rename the place Chuck E. Cheese. Unless you are extremely drunk or have
been in some kind of industrial accident that has stripped you of your taste buds, don’t
bother. Instead try Oscar’s, Rotolo’s, Red Zeppelin, or Fleur de Lis.