A Grocery List of Goodness

Today DBG brings you a hodge-podge of tasty-scary-goodness for your reading pleasure. First, thanks to all
who voted for Riley in the Abita Tailgater Giveaway! He won! Cherry will hold the drawing for the t-shirts and
hats soon. A video of DBG’s Protector dressed as Kenny Powers riding the cooler will follow. Thanks for
making the wiener a winner.

Second, this weekend affords you many opportunities for fun. If you are watching the LSU-Alabama game at a
bar, make sure you get there early and grab a seat because this is the BIG one. If you are cooking at home,
pick up some great grub at Chris’ Specialty meats. DBG is a fan of their rib eyes, tiger sausage and stuffed
chickens, and they’ve also got rabbit, quail and duck. Chris’ has locations in Baton Rouge, Greenwell Springs,
Zachary and Prairieville. Check them out at http://louisianameats.com/. Tony’s might be the place for seafood,
but Chris’ is the place for meat! And if you’re planning for the holidays, Chris’ sells turduckens and fried turkeys.

If you’re looking for liquid treats to get you through Saturday’s game, or life in general, Calandro’s on Perkins
Road is the place to go. DBG’s Protector was there last weekend and was blown away by the beer selection.
They’ve got a big selection of imports and microbrews and very good prices. He had to restrain himself after
filling up a shopping cart with beer, and plans to make regular, frequent visits. Plus, they have a
nice selection of meats and cheeses for foodies. It’s a lot like Whole Foods, except locally operated. If you think
of the MidCity Calandro’s as a TV show, then the Perkins Road store is like the big-budget movie version of the

Wanna get really scared? This weekend is flashlight fright nights at 13 th Gate. Last year DBG toured The Gate
armed with a tiny penlight and her Protector. Get there early because the line moves slower. You tour in small
groups and it is very, very, VERY dark. http://midnightproduction.com/