The Incident at the Wine Loft

DBG admits that sometimes she dresses up and enjoys a nice glass wine. However, she would rather lick
Boone’s Farm off the ass of a sweaty pig than endure another visit to The Wine Loft Downtown. She has not
darkened the door of such an unfriendly establishment since her NYC days. Although she and her companion
were dressed quite nicely, the manager informed her she would have to remove the sunglasses which were
propped atop her head and stow them in her bag before being seated. It was still daylight. His tone implied that
she and her companion were clad in tube tops and wife beaters and wanted to be seated next to the Prince of

Maybe The Wine Loft is just way too classy of an establishment for DBG. Yes, so first class that her waitress
was wearing a onesie paired with knee boots. If you do not know what onesies are…well DBG has purchased
them for newborn babes. They are bodysuits that snap at the bottom. Yes, Wine Loft, you are so classy that
Onesie Girl couldn’t correctly pronounce Pinot Grigio.

If you want to go downtown and keep it upscale, try Stroube’s, the bar in Hotel Indigo, or The Office.

Update–It Closed!  Yay!