Spooky scary….

Fall is DBG’s favorite time of the year — other than Mardi Gras. The weather becomes tolerable, leaves change,
SEC football returns. Warm drinks like mulled wine, apple cider and hot toddies fill the air with cinnamon
goodness, and the Great Pumpkin rises.

Last year, DBG served up some candy corn infused vodka to her adult trick-or-treaters. It was quite festive and
tasty. This gave her a wonderfully devilish idea…why not infuse caramel with vodka. Take a 750 ml bottle of
inexpensive vodka, pour out a little for your homies and add about 15 caramel cubes. Let it sit out
overnight. Strain using a coffee filter and return it to the original bottle. It can be a delicious shot or part of the
ultimate white Russian. Caramel vodka also pairs well with chocolate liqueur (think Milk Duds!) Enjoy!

Here’s last years recipe for candy corn infused vodka: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-

And if you want to taste an alcoholic rainbow or get an underage girl tipsy, here is a tutorial on making Skittles
infused vodka:


PS—Please drink responsibly and don’t give Skittles vodka to your Sadie Hawkins dance date.