The Hammerhead Bar Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant

Every day on the way home from work, DBG passes Parrain’s, and every Tuesday the sign out front beckons
her to come join them for half price raw oysters. This week, she accepted their invitation.

The Hammerhead Bar sits off to the side of the restaurant. Two large fiberglass hammerheads hang from the
ceiling waiting to greet and possibly eat patrons. And the sharks have a large selection of plump middle-aged
men dining on their expense accounts to choose from. BTW, orange and yellow polo shirts are quite popular
this year and sunglass lanyards rock.

The bar is quite spacious and affords excellent people watching. DBG and her Protector watched while a small
man wearing yoga pants and flip flops special ordered a dozen raw oysters with a half pound of bacon on top.
He did this to impress his date, a woman in a glittery halter top. They left separately.

5 bucks for a dozen oysters is a great thing! But DBG found true love when she took the first bite of her shrimp
po boy. It was hands down the best she has had in a couple of years.

DBG suggests you suck down those oysters while you can. The spillway gates are open and the water is

3225 Perkins Road