Guest columnist, DBG’s Protector
Burgersmith 3613 Perkins Road

Burgersmith, at Acadian and Perkins, is the latest Baton Rouge establishment playing into the upscale
hamburger culinary trend. This is the second spot for the Lafayette-based chain and it’s surprisingly large inside,
curving around to a nice bar in the back. They’ve got an interesting mix of 10 local beers on tap, including
Burgersmith’s own German lager, a light clean brew. They’ve gone with comfortable functional décor, heavy on
concrete and exposed pipes, with a couple of big screen TVs by the bar.

On my first trip I tried the Smith Burger, which came with a peppery sauce that reminds me of Cane’s sauce. It
was tasty but the meat was a little dry. Next visit, I tried a Filet Burger with cheddar. This is a half pound of
ground beef tenderloin, seasoned with Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. This burger was a bit juicier, but a
little underseasoned. However, the quality of the meat shone through. The fries are skin on and better than
average. The prices are a little high. A Filet Burger, fries and a pint of Nola Hopitoulas set me back $16, without

Burgersmith reminds me a lot of Fat Cow Burgers on Highland. They’re both local restaurants committed to
making premium burgers with similar décor and eye catching graphics, but the quality of food doesn’t quite stick
the landing. While I can certainly see myself eating at Burgersmith again or ducking in for an after work pint, it’s
not the sort of burger that sticks in your mind, like the magical treats they’re making at the Curbside truck.