Dream Berrie Café
3851 S Sherwood Forest Blvd

DBG has always been a fan of the Vietnamese places on Florida Blvd. Sure, Dang’s and Saigon Café
were holes in the wall, but you could get good Pho and Vietnamese pork po-boys were only 3
bucks. Recently, the landscape of the area has changed and most of these lunch joints have
shuttered their doors. This left DBG lacking in spring rolls and angry.

A few months ago Dream Berrie Café set up shop on Sherwood Forest. It’s an unlikely combination of
both a Vietnamese restaurant and a frozen yogurt shop. The interior is new, colorful and bright. At
first, DBG had trepidations because Dream Berrie looks a little too mainstream to be authentic, but her
worries eased a bit after surveying the clientele and seeing most of the diners were Vietnamese.
There were also some hipster nerds and Pentecostals, so the place has diversity. DBG’s fiancé had
the Pho and declared it above average. DBG had the Vietnamese vermicelli noodles with shrimp and
egg rolls. They were super tasty.

The staff was friendly and the spring rolls were fresh. It was slightly more expensive than the dives on
Florida and the menu was much more limited, but DBG will be back soon. Dream Berrie would be a
good non-threatening place to take a Pho virgin.


PS—Remember Vinh Phat Oriental Market is open for all of your Asian cooking needs at 12351
Florida Blvd. Dang’s is in the same shopping center and hopefully will re-open soon so DBG can get
her po-boy on!