Anthony’s Italian Deli
10248 Florida Blvd

DBG used to troll the streets of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and sneak peaks into the windows of Italian social
clubs. Inside, old men would argue, drink, and play cards. On nice days, they would sit out on the front stoop
and smoke. DBG would imagine that she was in a Martin Scorsese film and was being taken to a warehouse to
buy a fur coat that just fell off the truck.

When she moved back to Red Stick, she inquired about good Italian food and was told that Baton Rouge had
just gotten an Olive Garden.

Then she remembered having the best Muffuletta she ever ate. It was at Anthony’s, way back in the day.
Anthony’s has been serving up Italian sandwiches and pasta for over 30 years. They also sell deli meats,
cheeses and other imported goods. The owners still speak Italian to each other in the kitchen, while customers
sit at one of about half a dozen tables. This delicious hole in the wall is as authentic as you are going to get. Go
for lunch and you will not be disappointed. Everything on the menu is good, but DBG hearts the fact that they
make their own olive mix for the Muffuletta, and she would never turn down one of their meatballs. Check their
website for lunch specials.