La Morenita Meat Market
7981 Florida Blvd

DBG farmed out her column to her Protector this week, so he can discuss his love of meat markets.

A new Mexican grocery store has set up shop in Baton Rouge. If you’re familiar with the Fiesta Mart stores in
Texas, La Morenita is a smaller version. The store is big, clean, friendly, well lit and authentic and carries all
sorts of Mexican products. They have a small bakery display with freshly baked breads, cookies and treats. At
30 to 60 cents each, it’s a cheap way to get your carb fix.

La Morenita has a large meat and seafood counter selling everything from chicken feet to marinated fajita
fixings. They also have a taqueria and tables inside for people who want to run in and get lunch or dinner. At
lunchtime, those tables filled up fast with neighborhood locals looking for a tasty, inexpensive meal.

My Ds in college Spanish made ordering lunch a bit of a challenge. Somehow I did manage to end up with one
tongue and one pork taco that were both full of meat and well seasoned. There was even a toppings bar with
extras like pico and tomatillo sauce. Next time I go, I’ll bone up on my Spanish and see if I can end up with a big
bowl of the delicious looking menudo.

La Morenita just opened a few weeks ago and they’re still adding items. I hope they start stocking beer soon.
Overall, this is a place for foodies looking for just the right kind of dried chile pepper or for people who just want
an authentic Mexican meal.