Pluckers Wing Bar

Mall of Louisiana


Somewhere between 60 and 70 TVs cover the walls at the new Pluckers.  (When you have that many TVs, do you need artwork?)  There is a TV in the hostess stand.  There’s a TV staring back at you from the bathroom mirror.  Their remote must be huge.  Let us hope that it never falls between the couch cushions.  Pluckers is so new it still sparkles and all of the employees smile like children who got puppies for Christmas.  If you want to be surrounded by a sporting event-–this is the place.


There is no comparison between Pluckers and Buffalo Wild Wings.  At Pluckers, they bread their own onion rings and have homemade sauces.  Ask for some Dirty Bird sauce—you will like it.  DBG’s Protector said he would watch a Saints game there.  He might even take a lady there.  Quote: “You could bring a girl here.  You couldn’t bring a girl to Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters, but a girl could come here.”


Wells are always $4 and Jager shots are always $3.  There’s about 20 beers on tap including several Abita and Sam Adams varieties.  Yes, it is a chain, but they do simple bar food proud.  Try some fried mushrooms.  You won’t regret it.