Patio Lounge
8743 Jefferson Highway…tucked away in the corner beside Jeff’s Food Mart

DBG always wondered why all the cars were parked beside Jeff’s Food Mart at dusk. No sign adorns the
exterior of the Patio, but this did not deter DBG. She flew solo and walked up to the iron door. A patron
promptly unlocked it and allowed her entry. No music played. The regulars watched Millionaire together on the
television. As she drank her Bud Light, they began to view and comment on the movie Casino.

The Patio has been around since 1962. Green leather banquets line the far wall, while antique beer bottles and
steins behind the bar provide ambience. Jimmy, the mustached bartender, says Crown and Coke is the drink of
choice, but the Patio is famous for their Bloody Mary. With 24 hours notice, they will make you a gallon to go. It
is the kind of place where DBG could flip and tease her hair, put on a cocktail dress, step back in time and watch
a lunar landing on TV.

When DBG first visited this establishment, she advised you to bring cash. The Patio has now deigned to move
into the 21st century and will accept your pesky credit cards–but they will charge you a transaction fee. And for
all you shift workers…they open at 8 am. That’s when you can meet Charlie, the owner.

The Patio is one of the oldest bars in Baton Rouge. It is a true dive. So go ahead and jump right in. It is the
closest thing to the old Thirsty Tiger as you can get.