Dirty Dogs Lounge
3488 Drusilla Lane

Dirty Dogs is the newest addition to the Drusilla Shopping Center, sharing the satellite building that faces
Jefferson with Mary Lee Donuts and the video bingo. Earlier this month, they threw up a grand opening sign.
DBG saw an opportunity to combine a trip to Hancock Fabrics with adult beverages.

DBG thought Dirty Dogs sounded like the name of a biker bar. However, it is really a small dance club that
never has a cover and has a DJ every night of the week. Morgan the bartender told DBG that Fridays and
Saturdays really hop, but Wednesday karaoke should be on everyone’s to do list. (Why is karaoke always on
Wednesday?) Beer and single call brands are only $3 until 10pm every night. DBG’s Protector noted that Dirty
Dogs might make a good after work venue.

If the new paint smell bothers you, the owners have constructed a really nice deck overlooking the parking lot. It
doubles as a smoking lounge, as patrons are not allowed to light up inside.

One drawback is the digital jukebox, which in DBG’s humble opinion, is a slippery slope. To quote Uncle Ben in
Spiderman, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” The night DBG was at Dirty Dogs, an aging metal
head who “didn’t care if he was unpopular” loaded the jukebox with Dio and Iron Maiden, informed the bartender
that was “grown-up music,” and danced around twisting his nipples while a Lil Wayne video projected across the
entire back wall. While her Protector applauded his musical taste, DBG only hung out for one drink and then
moved the party to The Patio.