Yogi and BooBoo in a BowlVodka Soaked Gummy Bears

It might be Lent, but a drinking holiday is upon us. It is time to prepare for the Wearin’ o’ the Green. On
Saturday, March 17, the parade will roll and the booze will flow. Want to make something novel? Might Cherry
suggest vodka soaked gummy bears? Sure, they take a few days to make, but they are quite the crowd
pleaser. DBG made them for Spanish Town and they were gobbled up in no time! She learned the ancient
Chinese secret from a 16 year old on YouTube.

1. Line the bottom of a glass pan with your gummy bears. (DBG likes her bears big. Also, be sure to use a
glass pan! Alcohol and cheap plastic containers don’t mix.)
2. Pour vodka over the bears until they are submerged, cover, and place in fridge for five days stirring them
once daily. If they start to melt, pour off some of the vodka, but they should be fine. They will almost double in
3. On the fifth day, pour a can of concentrated fruit juice over the bears. This will cut the sharp taste of the
vodka and continue to plump up your little Yogis and BooBoos. Soak for another four or five days. The bears
must baste for at least eight or nine days total or their centers will be hard. So start today!!!
4. Pour off your “Bear Joose” into a carafe. It tastes great with seltzer, 7Up, OJ or makes an interesting
champagne cocktail.
5. Serve your tasty drunken mutants to friends. DBG placed hers in an antique crystal bowl and dished them
out with her best silver tongs.


PS—You can also make gummy worms or Sour Patch Kids, but stay away from Swedish Fish. They are too
waxy and don’t absorb the precious alcohol very well. You can also just soak your bears in the concentrated
fruit juice if you want a treat for the wee ones.