DBG Gives You a Halloween Treat Worthy of a Trick!
Candy Corn Cordial

Halloween is a mere zombie stroll away, and it is time to start planning your party. If Martha Stewart
can infuse her own vodka with cucumbers and spices, then DBG can handle a batch of candy corn

Candy corn was created in the 1880s by George Renninger, and to this day, continues to keep the
high fructose corn syrup industry and many dentists in business. Brach’s sells enough candy corn
every year to circle the world 4.5 times. This special little confection makes the color combination of
orange, yellow and white look festive, yet sophisticated. So why let the kids have all the trick or
treating fun? Whip up a Candy Corn Cordial for the older goblins and gremlins on the prowl!

First, infuse the vodka. Combine ½ cup of candy corn with 1 ½ cups of vodka. Place in an airtight
container and set aside for at least 3 hours. Strain. Grab a martini shaker and combine: 4 ounces of
candy corn vodka, 2 ounces of orange liqueur, juice from half a lemon, and an egg white (editor’s note
1: or egg substitute). Shake it up as you do the Monster Mash and pour into two chilled martini

editor’s note 2: Cherry is not responsible for anything that happens to you after consuming a raw egg
editor’s note 3: Or this drink.
editor’s note 4: Feel free to send us all your leftover vodka-soaked candy corn.