DBG—Dive Bar Girl


7731 Jefferson Highway



DBG and her Protector were in a celebratory mood and decided to visit a restaurant that used cloth napkins and shook up proper cocktails.  They were not disappointed.


Chef Nathan Gresham, formerly of Galatoire’s, decided to set up shop in the Bocage area about a year ago.  He renovated the old Silver Spoon. (Where will the ladies who play tennis all day lunch now?) The result is an upscale Cajun/Creole restaurant that offers interesting twists on familiar favorites.


Take the boudin balls, for example.  They came topped with slices of pickled watermelon rind and were elegantly arranged on dabs of white remoulade. When eaten together, all of the elements complemented the livery boudin.


The Protector went with the veal cheeks, served on rich creamy grits and topped with a demi-glace and baby vegetables that were remarkably fresh-tasting. The exceedingly tender cheeks matched well with the rich grits.


DBG’s flat iron steak was to die for!  She was also very keen on her white cranberry martini.


Bottom line:  Run don’t walk to the land of the Beautiful Sun soon.


PS—Instead of bread, they place pork rinds on every table!