A Replacement for Red Star; The Bald Eagle Pub; City Bar Thursday, Sep 27 2012 

The Search for a Replacement for Red Star


Bald Eagle Pub

140 Main Street


City Bar

333 Third Street


DBG and her Protector checked out a couple of the new downtown bars this week in an effort to find a replacement for their beloved Red Star.  They had the privilege of sitting in the back booth on the final night.  It was the last hurrah for karaoke. Metal Mike sung Memories from the musical Cats.  DBG got a little teary-eyed when everyone banded together and belted out Total Eclipse of the Heart. There was even confetti.  The only thing that could have made it better was glitter.


The first contender was the Bald Eagle Pub.  On a positive note: the drinks are cheap.  But the space is an underground hole that lacks atmosphere of its predecessor, The Thirsty Tiger.  It might be the kind of place that eventually finds it’s niche, develops a personality and becomes a great dive.  But for now, it feels like you are drinking in a janitor’s closet. The staff’s bartending skills are also questionable.  DBG’s martini had both an olive and a lemon.  The ladies room also has a poorly placed mirror. So females are pretty much forced to watch themselves urinate or worse.  (Urophiliacs may rejoice at this prospect.)


City Bar in Lafayette has been an Acadiana favorite since 2005.  An expansion into downtown Baton Rouge was a logical move.  The owners must have poured a ton of money into the space that was previously populated by the old Avoyelles Café. The main bar is downstairs, a dance floor opens up at 10 pm upstairs, and a large patio stands out front.  There are TVs everywhere.  DBG will admit they did a wonderful job with the renovations. Downside:  The bartenders all resemble Barbie dolls—there was one token brunette.  (DBG wondered if the others hazed her for her imperfection.) The typical City Bar patron is someone who has outgrown Tigerland, but isn’t quite ready for a gastro pub, wine bar or intimate dive with well-known regulars. To be blunt—Happy’s and Walk Ons now have a worthy adversary.


Alas, it is good porch sitting weather.  For now, DBG can be found on her stoop yapping with neighbors or down at Radio Bar.


Blend Thursday, Jun 28 2012 


304 Laurel Street



Ding Dong—the Wine Loft is dead, and Blend has risen from its ashes.  Unlike its defunct predecessor, they are doing the wine bar proud.  The interior combines rustic wood, amber lighting, and swanky furniture. Its warmth and spaciousness reminded DBG of an inviting lodge in California wine country. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.   They were able to make recommendations based on the tastes of the customer and food pairings.


More than 100 wines are available by the bottle.  At any given time,  approximately 20 wines may be purchased by the glass.  Prices range between $8 to $15 per pour and every two weeks, the menu rotates. So there is always something new to sip.  Cheese and meat trays are available as well as small plates.  Chef Eric Sibley, a Red Stick native, has an impressive culinary resume.  He is what some fancy people might refer to as a “molecular gastronomist.”  You know, the kind of madman who would puree strawberries and red bell peppers to create a warm, flavorful-yet-sweet dipping sauce. 


The crowd was diverse the night DBG and her Protector made their trip.  Tourists staying in downtown hotels mingled with the standard after-work crowd.  Blend would be the perfect place to take that special date.  At the end of the evening, order her a glass of Prosecco and some of their re-envisioned bread pudding and you might just get lucky. 


PS—If you want to re-read DBG’s original review of the Wine Loft.  Click this link:  https://cherrythedivebargirl.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/the-incident-at-the-wine-loft/





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