Who Let the Hot Dogs Out? Frankie’s Dawg House
2318 Cedardale Ave
(Near Zippy’s and the Overpass)

When DBG was growing up, her mother made hot dogs for lunch when there was nothing else left in
the refrigerator. She made her super chili cheese dogs for Saturday dinner and SEC football.
Needless to say, DBG was pleased as punch when Frankie’s decided to elevate the simple sausage
to an art form.

DBG and her Protector arrived for lunch. DBG enjoyed a Chicago Dawg with mac and cheese, but
her Protector sought a more complex repast and chowed down on a Swamp Dog consisting of
alligator sausage, grilled onions, and spicy mustard. Although he extolled the virtues of his gourmet
wiener, he became very irritated because DBG stole half of his French fries. They were just that
damn good!

Frankie’s offers many different specialty sausages including a beer soaked Bratwurst. So it is
Oktoberfest ALL year round. They hope to open a small dog park behind the restaurant soon. DBG
looks forward to bringing her wiener dog to their sausage fest sometime soon. Follow them on
Facebook or check out their menu at http://www.frankiesdawghouse.com


PS—Sorry for all of the hot dog jokes…but could it really be helped?