Don’s Seafood and Steaks Lafayette Friday, Apr 27 2012 

The Old Fashioned at the Original Don’s

301 East Vermillion St.

Lafayette, LA 70501

This is the weekend where many a Red Sticker will pack their bags and venture over to Lafayette for Festival International. (Because who could say no to a free festival featuring live music from around the world.)  If you find yourself wary from the sun, DBG suggests you have a drink at the original Don’s Seafood and Steaks.

Don Landry began building his restaurant empire in 1934. Don’s now has multiple locations, but you want to go where it all started, don’t you?  (Of course you do.  You are a Cherry reader!) So what makes this Old Fashioned like no other?  Why the presentation, of course.  First, they take their signature Old Fashioned glass with the Don’s logo and all kinds of delicious looking sea creatures printed on it and muddle some bitters with a little orange and some simple syrup.  They add ice. Then they add two shots of whiskey—your choice!  They garnish this beauty with an orange and a cherry.  But the best is still yet to come….Wait for it…They add a wooden stir stick that is a rock candy pop.  So after you enjoy the last sip of this nectar of the gods, you get dessert.

Can’t make it to Lafayette.  Get your fix at the original Baton Rouge location on Airline Highway where DBG’s Dad used to entertain out of town clients.


PS—While you are there, say hello to the fabulous statue of the internationally famous Lafayette Gay Firefighter.

PSS—If you manage to steal a couple of those Old Fashioned glasses for DBG, she will love you forever.


The Jefferson Lounge Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 

The Jefferson Lounge

4336 Floynell Drive

(Off Jefferson Near Bluebonnet)

The Jefferson is a small squat building that sits off the highway.  Most wouldn’t even know it has existed there for the past 40 years. It is tightly nestled between the Budget truck rental office on the corner and a modest tailor shop to the rear. The white cement block building looks like it could be the snack bar/bathroom of a local community pool.

The bartender described it as “a friendly neighborhood bar where everyone loves each other.”  The dark interior is decorated with a combination of LSU memorabilia and pink flamingoes from Spanish Town parades of the past.  A large wooden tiger wearing a sombrero perches atop an aging microwave and presides over the bar. He guards a mountain of the Post-It notes that keep track of open tabs. Locals socialized and pounded on the Golden Tee machine; DBG sipped on a gigantic glass of wine; her Protector watched American Pickers while a lonely Jagermeister machine hummed in the background.

DBG’s Protector decided it was time to call it a night when all of the regulars bid farewell to a man called “Catfish.”  They settled their tab of $10 for a glass of wine and two domestic beers.

Mason’s Grill Thursday, Apr 12 2012 


Mason’s Grill
13556 Jefferson Highway
DBG has been trying to get out to Mason’s to try their supposedly “amazing” brunch for a long time.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t live up to the hype.  Maybe it was an off day, but it wasn’t anything special she could recommend to Cherry readers. 
She knows many of the folks across Baton Rouge will disagree with her, but she really just doesn’t care.  Mason’s serves uninspired brunch food in mass quantities.  Patrons are shoved through the dining process in an attempt to turn tables quickly. Their décor is sparse and parts of restaurant looked downright dirty and grungy.  (DBG thinks brunch needs to be a pretty fluffy fete.)
They offer the option to build your own Bloody Mason, which is a great idea, but the result is a mediocre Bloody Mary that DBG could make using Tabasco, Zing-Zang and Taaka.  (If you want a Bloody Mary, go to the Patio Lounge.)  They also offer $3.95 “bottomless champagne.”  But don’t get excited. This is accomplished by placing a bottle of Andre Brut on the table.  Trust DBG, this is a hangover you don’t want! 
Once again, maybe she is being a little rough; people say their onion rings are amazing and their shrimp burger is out of this world.  But for brunch, DBG thinks you should try Louie’s, Chimes, Bistro Byronz, Superior Grill, Beausoleil or the breakfast buffet at the Hilton Downtown.