Churchill’s 7949 Jefferson Highway

Guest columnist: Sir Nigel of Wolverhampton, Minister of Transportation

DBG is taking a well deserved break this week, so, temporarily relieved of my ministerial duties, I headed out to
one of my favourite haunts. Churchill’s is unassuming from the outside, but once you walk past the liquor store
front and humidors you enter an oasis of dim lighting and leather couches. Very cozy indeed.

There is a large selection of drinks on offer, from ports and beers to mini-cans of champagne complete with
endearing little bendy straws. Do try to attend one of Churchill’s frequent wine and scotch tastings. The staff is
friendly and the bar is well ventilated, so the cigar smoke never becomes overwhelming. The cigar selection is
extensive, spanning two large humidor rooms and a wide price range. Beyond the couch area is a more
traditional looking bar room which lacks the same warmth, and seems to be where terrible cover bands go to die.
That part is easy to ignore.

On a winter’s night, I challenge you to beat a glass of sherry on a comfy couch under the watchful eye of the
great Sir Winston himself. The slightly old worldy feel of the bar has this chap believing that the charlatan
Phileas Fogg could walk in at any time and offer patrons another of his ridiculous wagers.

Sir Nigel