Cane and Able cocktail


Scott Gremillion and Joshua Duke, the owners of Olive or Twist, wanted an original recipe that incorporated rye and Steen’s Cane Syrup for the menu of their popular Perkins Road craft cocktail lounge, but they knew it had to be perfection. After much trial and error, a triumph of biblical proportions was achieved and given the fitting name of The Cane and Able.

Rittenhouse Rye, ginger liqueur, Steen’s, lemon juice and Old-Fashioned Bitters are combined to form a cocktail that is a true love letter to rye drinkers. The lemon, ginger and bitters give it just the right amount of flavor while the Steen’s keeps the tartness in check. The result is a cocktail that sips smooth and easy all the way down.

Olive or Twist
7248 Perkins Road