7 Baton Rouge Cocktails Worth a Gander and a Gulp
Sometimes Baton Rouge gets a bad rap when it comes to cocktail scene. After all New Orleans lies an hour away on I-10 and is the birthplace of iconic concoctions like the Hurricane, Ramos Gin Fizz, and Vieux Carre. The Crescent City even has an official cocktail—The Sazerac. While the Legislature has never voted to bestow Baton Rouge with an official libation, Red Stick has many delicious options that epitomize the drinking culture of South Louisiana.
Here are 7 standouts in the Baton Rouge bar scene:
1. Juban’s combines bourbon with raw honeycomb and allows it to marry for more than two weeks before patrons are allowed to order their traditional Honey Bourbon cocktail.
2.Don’s elevates the classic Old Fashioned by serving it in one of their signature tumblers and garnishing it with a rock candy stir stick. This is the way they have always done it and why it is just so right.  
3. The Old World Fashioned at Galatiore’s is new twist on an old classic that combines bourbon, merlot, Angostura and orange bitters to form a sultry spicy drink best enjoyed at the bar while rubbing knees with a secret paramour.
4. A classic Sazerac at Radio Bar sits in the middle of a menu filled with innovative twists on original cocktails. Dave Remmetter and Brian Baiamonte knew better than to mess with perfection.
5. The Purple Hat at Olive or Twist actually surpasses the Carousel Bar’s Eudora Welty inspired creation.  This graceful feminine vodka martini is far too sophisticated to be considered just another girlie drink.
6. The owner of the Patio will never give away his secret rich spicy Bloody Mary recipe; thank goodness they can be procured by the gallon. 
7. The bartenders at Acme combine hot sauce, horseradish, and vodka then crown it with a raw oyster. Open up; their Oyster Shooters smoothly go all the way down the hatch.
Bottoms up,
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