5 Red Stick Watering Holes in Need of Bar Rescue

DBG and the Hubs love watching Bar Rescue on Spike. The new season starts on February 12. (DBG knows she just sounded soooo corporate.)  This means everyone will have something to look forward to after Mardi Gras.  Running a bar is a business and a very hard one at that.  Here are the five places in Baton Rouge Jon Taffer needs to descend on and knock into shape.

1. Ivar’s: Sometimes a beer is $5. Sometimes the same beer is $4.  Happy hour has nothing to do with it.  It’s a sports bar, but the TVs are ancient.  The beer lines are skunky. The service is awful. No one cares.  The only high point: the chicken wings.
2. Hound Dogs: Is just sad.  Is it a dive bar? Is it a gay bar? Why are the drinks so weak? God knows downtown has enough Steinbeckesque-Tortilla Flats characters around to support a funky hole-in-the-wall. Too bad Hound Dogs doesn’t fit the bill.  
3. Zee Zee Gardens: Another bar in a great location where it seems like the owners quit caring. Here’s a first step — clean the dust bunnies off the ceiling and buy more than four pint glasses.
4. Fox and the Hound: Big sports bars used to be in short supply in Baton Rouge. Many competitors have come along and done things better.  Fox and the Hound has stayed in place, treading water.
5. The Bald Eagle: The owners of this downtown spot are trying, but the place doesn’t have much character. Being in The Bald Eagle really makes one miss the Thirsty Tiger.  

Bonus Round: If fiction were reality, DBG would love to see Mr. Taffer go toe to toe with Lana Lee from the Night of Joy Bar in A Confederacy of Dunces.