Cotton Candy Sweet to Go, Let Me See That Tootsie Roll!

Did you know that the recipes DBG has posted for Candy Corn Vodka, Caramel Vodka, and Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears are some of the most popular items on her blog?  So it seemed fair for her to give you another recipe to make your Halloween a little bit sweeter and a lot more drunker.

Tootsie Roll Vodka.

*Buy a 750ml bottle of moderately priced vodka.  Pour out ½ a cup of vodka for your homies.  (DBG says to use this waste product wisely.  Take a little time to shake up a martini.)
*Take at least half a cup of chopped up Tootsie Rolls and place them in your vodka bottle.  Let the mixture sit for at least 24 hours.  Every few hours gently shake.
*Watch your Tootsies liquefy.
*Pour mixture through a coffee strainer into a bowl.  Rinse out vodka bottle.  Pour the strained mixture back into the bottle.
*Decorate your bottle with a cool picture.  (Come on, you are a professional!)
*Place your sweet chocolate dream in the freezer.  Serve as chilled shots or make a tasty White Russian.


PS—Here is the link for Vodka Gummy Bears.  Do a change up and substitute rum.  Then you have Rummy Bears!

PSS—Here is the link to the Caramel Vodka and the Candy Corn Vodka.