Mud and Water
174 South Blvd
DBG won’t automatically crown the newly opened Mud and Water as the replacement for Red Star, but she will give it a solid endorsement and say that it is a venue with great potential.  The old L Bar has been completely gutted and transformed into a modern, multifunctional space.  There is something about an establishment where you park under a bridge and enter through the back door that just does it for DBG.
The non-smoking indoor bar features an old school jukebox, DJ booth, and proper stage for all of the bands Mud and Water is in the process of booking.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. DBG even recognized a couple of them from Red Star. Plus, the drink prices are low.
But the most brilliant part of the bar is the courtyard.  This large, smartly landscaped gravel garden might be hard on high heels, but it is perfect for sinking your bare feet into while drinking a beer and watching cars and trucks plow their way westward up the Mississippi River Bridge.
The only question that remains is: Who will fill this venue?  Beauregard Town is a stone’s throw away.  And those of you in Red Star withdrawal must take a looky-loo.

PS—It is the perfect time of year to drop in.  Have a drink before or after the 13th Gate.
PSS–We need more outdoor drinking spaces in Red Stick!

Watching the bridge