2 of these and you won't feel your teeth.Superior Grill
5435 Government Street

There are four Superior Grill locations: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport and Birmingham, Ala. Dive Bar Girl will brag with swagger that she has patronized all of them. (Her liver shakes its head in shame and quivers in a corner.) To her, Superior isn’t a just a restaurant—it is an institution that has woven perfectly crispy and warm tortilla chips into the fabric of Red Stick.

History: Superior Grill was built in front of the newly erected Williamsburg Retirement Home in 1991. DBG’s father had frequented the Shreveport location on business trips. One Sunday after the weekly pilgrimage to MawMaw’s, DBG’s Father saw the “coming soon” sign. He wept tears of joy. The family would post medicate after an afternoon of games called: “Find the checkbook.” “When I lived back on the plantation.” “The maid stole my shoes.” and the ever popular “You’ll never be as good as the Colonel.” It was one short, swift bat turn from the gates of Williamsburg to the parking lot of Superior. The same faithful bartender still serves DBG her margaritas today.

Here are DBG’s thoughts on Superior.

*A beautiful patio that is climate controlled when necessary.
*Brunch on the weekends—A breakfast burrito done right is a glorious and beautiful thing.
*The best and strongest margarita in town served in their signature Styrofoam cups.
*Great chips and salsa
*Authentic tortilla soup.
*Mesquite grilled fajitas.
*Antler chandeliers!

*The lame cover bands on the beautiful patio.
*A good portion of the menu is uninspired and needs to be revamped. Mexican food in this city has evolved past a plate of sloppy cheesy beans and rice.
*For the love of all that is good and right with the world—bring back the happy hour buffet!

Despite these minor issues, DBG will always consider Superior a second home.