Yum! Yum! Mama Della’s
8190 Jefferson Highway

After living in New York City for so long, DBG felt sorry for the people of Baton Rouge because Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns were perfectly acceptable dining options for the majority of the population.  The reality is Red Stick has been blessed with Fleur de Lis, Red Zeppelin, Roma Pizza and now Mama Della’s.

The only reasons to frequent cardboard chains are:
1.  You are hungover and you want someone to bring you something—anything.
2.  You are too busy to even think about dinner.
3.  You lost your taste buds in a weird industrial accident.

Mama Della’s specializes in thin crust New York style pizza.  DBG watched the chef toss the dough in the air through a window.  The crust is absolutely perfect.  You can fold it in half and hold it up and watch a little bit of grease drop down onto the plate.  This is what NYC pizza is.

Some people said that the owner is a little gruff, but he won DBG over when he went outside to pick some fresh basil for her pizza.  So obviously, the toppings are all fresh and top quality.  The pie had a nice zesty sauce.

As with most pizza parlors, the interior is a bit sparse and not much has been done with the space since it was Schlotzsky’s Deli years ago. But with pizza as good as what they serve at Mama Della’s, who cares about the interior?

Try the pizza Florentina or the Verona.  It won’t disappoint.  Although she didn’t taste it, their Sicilian looks very authentic too.

As God as DBG’s witness, she will never eat at Domino’s again.