"The Rum Job"

It made my liver say curse words

Our neighbor to the west, Texas had decided Red Stick needs BuzzBallz. Cherry found this at Albertson’s today. Where to begin? Check out the flavor. Appetizing huh? Their website touts the many virtues of the BuzzBallz. They are recyclable, unbreakable, freezable, and floatable. Nothing is said about the way a Buzzballz tastes. Dive Bar Girl imagines the Buzzballz hangover is something that could not be put into words. It would be too dark, too graphic. So if you ever wanted to know how they roll in West Texas. Grab one of these pretty ladies–your liver might divorce you.
Upon tasting:
So Dive Bar Girl just had a sip of this. It burned all the way down. All the way. Wow. On a side note, it completely cleared out her sinuses. But it did make her cry. (The one sip) To quote her Protector, “This is the kind of beverage that makes your liver jump out of your asshole and run away from you.” This is a “dead behind a liquor store beverage.” It is meant to be a shot. Wow! How is this even legal? There is no way that these could be consumed responsibly.