The Tile Palace

4330 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA

Rejoice! Months that contain the letter ‘R’ have returned to the calendar. For DBG, this means a trip down to New Orleans for some oysters at Casamento’s.

Joe Casamento built his tile oyster palace way back in 1919. Why is everything covered in these beautiful imported tiles that make you feel like you might have just stepped into a Roman bath? According to Joe, tile is easier to keep clean. And tile holds up, so Casamento’s is one of those places that never changed. Brass hooks still protrude from the walls desperately reaching out to men with suit coats and fedoras. Customers still walk through the kitchen to get to the restroom. The restaurant takes cash only, no credit cards or checks. (Although an ATM is located on site for your convenience)

When you eat a raw oyster at Casamento’s, you can tell it just came out of the water. It is so good; it doesn’t even need cocktail sauce or horseradish. So start with at least a dozen. If you need to order more, that’s OK. They have to fastest shuckers in the business. Then get a fried shrimp, oyster or crab loaf. Casamento’s makes their own bread. It is called “pan bread.” It is thick and soft and lightly toasted. The combination of the lettuce, tomato, bread and hot fried seafood is just plain magic. Add some homemade fries or split a bowl of seafood gumbo. It is all so simple—but so great.

PS—Don’t forget to check the website for their hours before you go.

PSS—After lunch take a stroll down Magazine Street and do some shopping.

Almost too pretty to step on.

Yum! Yum!