421 Third Street
Dive Bar Girl asked the powers that be for a tapas bar and just before she could click her heels three times and wave her magic wand, multiple offering floated into downtown Baton Rouge.  The team behind The Office, which is situated directly above IPO, has worked overtime to create an inviting modern space featuring handmade cypress wood furniture.  Most of the tapas are Louisiana inspired and the bar carries a good selection of local beers as well as a fairly comprehensive wine list. 
DBG and her Protector tried four small plates: Bayou Eggs (deviled eggs with a fried oyster on top), Bon Temp Shrimp (fried shrimp in a sweet and spicy sauce), Loco Portobello (mushroom cap topped with chicken, cheese and chorizo) and the charbroiled oysters. The first three were recommended by their attentive server.
DBG and her Protector really enjoyed the bayou eggs, because who wouldn’t want deviled eggs containing crawfish and tasso? The fried oyster on top was so perfect it made DBG want to go back soon to try the oyster loaf.  The mushrooms and shrimp were OK. But the charbroiled oysters were a disappointment.  They were a bit dry and had a strong artificial smoky taste.  Of course, DBG ate them anyway and then burped smoke flavor for the next two hours.  She looked at her Protector and said, “I now know how little dragons feel.”

DBG will be back for the oyster loaf, but must admit she likes the tapas across the street at Blend better.