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Hi Red Stickers!


Our friends at Country Roads Magazine were nice enough to let DBG write an article on craft beer in Louisiana.  And oh boy, the “research”  DBG got to do was mighty fun.  Beer fans should check it out.  You might find a new favorite brew. 




Missed celebrating the 4th of July because it was in the middle of the week? The French will be celebrating La Fete Nationale 10 days later. So storm the Bastille and whip up a cocktail made with France’s favorite wine aperitif—Lillet.  Lillet is available in both blanc or rouge.  It is a blend of either is Bordeaux or Sauvignon Blanc, citrus liquor, and quinine. (Think Pimm’s, but different.) Lillet Blanc over ice with a slice of orange makes an excellent summer cocktail.  You can find Lillet at your nicer liquor stores.  Lillet was also a favorite of Hannibal Lector, and we all know how serious he was about his food and beverage.  Want to get fancy?  Check out the recipe below. 


Liberté Cocktail


3 ounces Lillet Blanc

1 ounce gin

2 dashes orange bitters

Garnish: orange peel


Stir ingredients together with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a thin slice of orange peel.


Louisiana did fly under the French flag for a while. So eat some frites, play some Petanque (French Bocce Ball) and celebrate the nation who gave us Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, and the metric system. 


PS–DBG would never let you eat cake; she would let you eat an éclair.



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