Magpie Café

3205 Perkins Road


The first time DBG attempted to eat at the Magpie Café; they had sold out of food.  This intrigued her and she knew she eventually had to return.  Magpie opened about a month ago.  Their menu changes daily.  They use all local seasonal ingredients—organic if possible. The morning offerings include an espresso bar, fresh baked goods, oatmeal, and a breakfast sandwich.  The lunch service usually consists of  a soup (usually vegetarian), a salad, and two paninis (one vegetarian). 


DBG’s goat cheese, roasted tomato, artichoke heart Panini really complemented the summer weather.  It was the perfect good girl lunch.    


Sure Magpie is the kind of place where the laptops draining the free wi-fi abound, and of course, you are going to see a couple of obligatory yoga mats, and a decent amount of the clientele are doing their part for the third world by wearing Toms, but it is a nice neighborhood place and welcome addition to the overpass area.  


Check out their facebook page to keep track of the daily menu.