Heaux Jeaux’s
14241 Airline Highway

About two months ago, Red Stickers Holly and Joe (henceforth known as Heaux Jeaux—you get
the name now, right?) opened up a nice neighborhood joint in South Baton Rouge. The bar stools
are comfy. The décor is clean and upscale. They have six beers on tap and many more in
bottles. They have about 10 wines by the glass. Their prices are excellent. On weekends they
have bands. There are also large television sets for watching the big game. There is nothing snide
or ridiculous that DBG can say about this establishment. She had a perfectly delightful time and if it
were in her neighborhood, she would be a frequent guest. If you live out that way, you should
check it out.

Now…if you want DBG to tell you a story of horrors and ineptitude…just ask her about her visit to
an unnamed new bar. It is a review she is still debating writing because it might just be too mean.