Backstreet Lounge

845 Madeline Court

(Off of Florida across from Broadmoor Theater)


Backstreet Lounge, formerly Kay B’s Lounge, formerly The Brickhouse Lounge, is located on an industrial side street off Florida Boulevard that also backs up to a large cemetery.  The tiny windowless brick building next to an animal daycare looks a little intimidating at first, but DBG and her Protector decided to enter based on the fact that most of the cars in the parking lot out were shiny and new. 


They were pleasantly surprised to find a spacious, well-lit clean bar with two nice pool tables and a stage for live music and karaoke.  It’s a bar in South Louisiana, so of course there is both Golden Tee and a Jager machine.  But surprise—Backstreet has a softball team for patrons.  About half of the regulars were the motorcycle owning type. DBG couldn’t help but notice the mullet and the rat tail were proudly represented at Backstreet, but she deemed it a decent neighborhood place or somewhere to go after burying a loved one next door. 


Unfortunately, she did not stay for long.  It was karaoke night and it turns out, most bikers are tone deaf and sing really sad songs.




PS—What is worse karaoke-wise: Hearing an aging metal head butcher a Tool song or someone belting out a Celine Dion ballad in the hopes of landing an American Idol audition?