ImageA Daytrip for Your Consideration…


Sometimes you just have to leave Red Stick.  DBG recommends this rural little jaunt to pass a good time. 


First wakey-wakey early and head north to Port Gibson, Mississippi!  (The drive takes about 2.5 hours.)  Meander through the deep dark woods and have a look at DBG’s favorite antebellum home—The Ruins of Windsor.  It was the largest plantation home in Mississippi until 1890 when a careless party guest dropped a lit cigarette.  All that remains are 23 Corinthian columns.  It is hauntingly beautiful and offers an excellent opportunity for taking those hipster friendly Instagram photos.


Then start your trek back south and have lunch at The Old Country Store in Lorman, Mississippi.  It is part second hand store, part defunct bar, and part soul food buffet.  It’s proprietor, Arthur Davis makes the best fried chicken Alton Brown has ever tasted.  He uses his grandmother’s recipe and frequently boasts, “If the Colonel had my recipe he’d be a five-star general.” If you’re lucky, he’ll come out and sing during your meal. 18801 Highway 61 South, Lorman, MS – (601) 437-3661  (Come on, people!  You thought a place like this had a website?)


Next head into downtown Natchez for some antiquing and finish the day watching the big river go by at the Under the Hill Saloon.  This Silver Street building has existed since the early 1800’s and has housed everything from a brothel to a grocery store.  Back in the day, the proper folk stayed on top of the hill in Natchez.  The flatboatmen, gamblers and various degenerates made their home under the hill.  The saloon is now a dusty dive bar that brings in a diverse crowd.