Mason’s Grill
13556 Jefferson Highway
DBG has been trying to get out to Mason’s to try their supposedly “amazing” brunch for a long time.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t live up to the hype.  Maybe it was an off day, but it wasn’t anything special she could recommend to Cherry readers. 
She knows many of the folks across Baton Rouge will disagree with her, but she really just doesn’t care.  Mason’s serves uninspired brunch food in mass quantities.  Patrons are shoved through the dining process in an attempt to turn tables quickly. Their décor is sparse and parts of restaurant looked downright dirty and grungy.  (DBG thinks brunch needs to be a pretty fluffy fete.)
They offer the option to build your own Bloody Mason, which is a great idea, but the result is a mediocre Bloody Mary that DBG could make using Tabasco, Zing-Zang and Taaka.  (If you want a Bloody Mary, go to the Patio Lounge.)  They also offer $3.95 “bottomless champagne.”  But don’t get excited. This is accomplished by placing a bottle of Andre Brut on the table.  Trust DBG, this is a hangover you don’t want! 
Once again, maybe she is being a little rough; people say their onion rings are amazing and their shrimp burger is out of this world.  But for brunch, DBG thinks you should try Louie’s, Chimes, Bistro Byronz, Superior Grill, Beausoleil or the breakfast buffet at the Hilton Downtown.