7 Bars Red Stick Needs!


Red Stick has some wonderful watering holes, but there is always room for improvement.  So here is DBG’s wish list of venues she would like to see take up residence in the EBR. 


1.  A real Irish pub—The Londoner is an English Pub and Happy’s just plain SUCKS.  DBG wants a place where a brittle old Irishman in a black clip-on tie and a white shirt pours you a perfect pint of Guinness and insists that you keep your money up on the bar.  Not a place where surgically enhanced 19-year-olds are forced to wear schoolgirl uniforms. The Protector wants a place that falls right between the Irish House in New Orleans and the late Irish Coast of Gulfport, Miss.

2.  A tiki bar— Martin Denny playing in the background, bamboo walls, and brilliant colored drinks that can be set on fire (But please, no animatronic singing birds.)

3.  A dive bar downtown—Rest in peace, Thirsty Tiger.  You are missed.  Hound Dogs is just too depressing to qualify. 

4.  A sports bar with good food downtown—Punchers—you scare us. Who ever heard of a sports bar that doesn’t serve food?  And UFC isn’t a sport. That’s just steroid cases hitting each other.

5.  A movie theater that serves drinks—Art films, cult classics, and independent specials. Waaaaaaaaay back in the day, there was one in what is now the Varsity. There are rumors the Alamo Drafthouse folks from Texas are looking at moving into Louisiana.  Who wouldn’t be down for a monthly showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show? 

6.  A tapas bar—Come on, Lafayette has one!

7.   A German beer garden—Beer, sausages and the great outdoors.  DBG wants a place to wear her special Alpine beer-drinking hat. 


So did DBG miss anything? 


The Mega Millions jackpot is up to $500 million, so buy a ticket.  If you win, DBG would approve of your soon-to-be built Irish pub and/or tiki bar.