209 West State Street



DBG knows what you are thinking, “Everyone knows about Louie’s.  Everyone went there when they were a Tiger.  Everyone remembers looking at the menu at 2 a.m. and seeing double.”  But in this emerging world of brunch as a dainty meal involving half-moon omelets and mimosas, Red Stickers tend to forget that Louie’s offers the best breakfast in town.  Here are 10 facts to remind you!


1. The Mitchell, The Veggie and Seafood Louie omelets  (Splurge and get The Veggie with cheese. Don’t mess around. Always order the larger size.)

2.  Their iconic grill-man, Frenchie always has something interesting to say.  (Meaning—You must sit at the counter!)

3.  Homemade buttermilk biscuits in the morning

4.  CAJUN HASHBROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!

5.  A Big Cheesy Lou Burger fully loaded with sprouts and a side of CAJUN HASHBROWNS!

6.  The best banana pancakes in the world

7.  An excellent club sandwich

8. A pretty good chicken fried steak

9.  Waitresses with multiple tattoos and disheveled hair who are probably stoned. (You might have to remind them about your toast and jam.)

10.  Open 24 hours a day


The world might have become a bleaker less vibrant place, but Louie’s never changes.




PS—Speaking of brunch, who has the best Bloody Mary in Baton Rouge?


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